Unleashing the Power of Remote Blockchain Teams, Squared

We provide access to the top 5% of remote blockchain talent, based in South and South East Asia

Partnering with the best talent agencies in the region, we take the hassle out of building and scaling full time teams for global businesses 

Why Teams²?

We are Teams Squared, a global conduit connecting startups and businesses with the crème de la crème of remote blockchain professionals from South and South East Asia. We're not just a talent sourcing platform; we're a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between your requirements and top tier talent.

Remote Brilliance, Minus the Risks

Trial Period
End the contract or swap resources at any time within the 1st month
Guaranteed Replacements
Not happy with the resource you are working with? Let us know and we will match you with a replacement within three weeks
Flexible notice periods
We provide flexibility with notice periods, from 1 week for part time resources and 1 to 3 months for full time resources


What is Teams Squared?
Teams Squared is your access pass to the top 5% of South and South East Asia's remote legal talent that works across a variety of specialisations
How does you ensure the quality of talent?
We conduct thorough interviews and rigorous assessments with each candidate that we propose. We ensure that there is a competency and culture match from the outset.
What kind of commitment do I need to make?
We believe in simplicity and flexibility. That's why we offer a standard contract with no minimum time commitments. Plus, we offer a 1-month trial period so you can be sure you've made the right choice.
What if the match doesn't work out?
Stuff happens, and that's okay! We offer a satisfaction-based refund policy and free replacements within 2 weeks. We want you to be 100% happy with your Teams Squared experience.
What about admin and paperwork?
Say goodbye to admin headaches! We take care of standardized contracts, payroll handling, and currency conversion. With Teams², you can focus on what really matters - your work.

Ready to experience a remote team experience like no other?