Unleashing the Power of Remote Legal Teams.

We provide access to the top 5% of remote legal talent, based in emerging markets


We are Teams Squared, an Alternate Legal Service Provider (ALSP), connecting law firms and legal teams with the crème de la crème of remote legal professionals from emerging markets.

We're not just a talent sourcing platform, we're a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between your staffing needs and top-tier legal talent.

We work with a global clientele


Our Areas of Focus

Commercial Law
Corporate Law
Family Law
Legal Research

The Teams Squared Standard

Built on:


We partner with the most reputed talent in the regions that we operate in, guaranteeing you get access to the top 5% of talent. Each candidate is independently assessed and vetted by us, ensuring they have the necessary skills and experience.


We understand that reliability is key when it comes to remote talent. That is why we ensure all our candidates have a proven track record of delivering high-quality work on time, every time.

At Teams Squared, we are committed to maintainingthe highest standard in remote talent sourcing. Our Standard is a testament to this commitment, ensuring that every professional we connect you with meets our stringent quality and performance benchmarks.


All our candidates have excellent English capabilities, ensuring smooth and effective communication.


Our support does not end once we have placed a candidate with you. We provide ongoing support and training to ensure your new team member is always at the top of their game.


We take data security seriously. We ensure that all our partner agencies adhere to strict data security protocols and use tools such as Citrix DaaS and ThinScale, giving you peace of mind.

<1 week

From brief to interviews.

1 month trial

Free cancellation within the first month.

5+ jurisdictions


<24 hours

To hear back to your query.


Why Choose Teams Squared?

Global Talent, Local Impact

We delve into a rich reservoir of legal expertise in South and South East Asia, Africa and LATAM, connecting you with professionals who are not only highly qualified but are also keen on making a global impact.

Cost-Effective Growth

Our model is tailored for law firms and legal teams aspiring to grow without the financial strain of local hiring. We bring you top-tier talent at a fraction of the local cost. Clients save average over 60% using our service versus hiring locally.

Tailored Talent Matchmaking

Our thorough vetting process goes beyond just qualifications. We ensure a harmonious match in vision, work ethic, and cultural fit, setting the stage for a productive and enduring collaboration.

Hassle-Free Engagement

From sourcing to placement to payroll, Team Squared handles the intricacies, allowing you to focus on your practice without worrying about complicated employment contracts and managing benefits.

The Teams Squared Offer

Start with a risk free commitment to trial talent that you like.

We provide 10 free hours to match the first 10 hours you utilize, so you can get a feel for whether the candidate is the right pick for your firm.

Cancel at any time in the first month, or trial another candidate until you find the right match.

How it works

Our process is designed to be seamless and efficient. Here's how we connect you with your ideal legal professional:

//Step 1

Discovery Call

We delve into your specific requirements and get a clear understanding for the talent you’re seeking. If you prefer to discuss over email, we’ve got you covered on this front too.

//Step 2

Talent Search

We sift through our extensive network to find candidates that match your needs.

//Step 3

Assessments & Shorlisting

We conduct a thorough skills assessment to ensure only the top 5% of candidates make the cut.

But we don’t stop there. We provide continuous support  to ensure a smooth journey for both you and the talent.

//Step 4


We set up interviews with candidates that are a strong fit for your requirements and line them up directly into your calendar.

//Step 5


We handle contracts, payments, and onboarding once you've made your selection.


Addressing the Talent Gap


Empowering Legal Professionals

We unlock international opportunities for legal professionals from emerging markets, aiding them in elevating their careers, enhancing exposure,and improving their income levels.


Solving Talent Shortages

With the legal industry in mature markets facing talent shortages and high hiring costs, our service presents a viable solution, fostering a mutually beneficial cross-border collaboration.


Enhancing Legal Operations

We enable legal professionals with international practice to concentrate on high-value tasks. By providing access to essential resources for managing legal administrative work, drafting, and research, we empower them to focus on expanding their business.

Additional features

How we go beyond

We believe in providing a comprehensive service that extends beyond the initial placement. When you onboard a resource through us, you also receive:

Expert Legal Counsel

Periodic reviews and feedback from domain experts to ensure high quality of work output.

Training Programs

Pre-onboarding training and continuous upskilling programs.

Bi-Weekly Check-Ins

Regular updates to ensure everything is on track.

Tech Support

Provision of any tech required for your team members to perform at their best.

Dedicated Office Space

For clients hiring 5 or more resources, we offer the option of setting up a dedicated office space.


Our clients trust us

Yule Guttenbeil

Choosing Teams Squared has been a game-changer for my business. It's more than just a service; it's a partnership built on attentive care and proactive problem-solving. From the beginning, I was impressed by their dedication to understanding my specific needs.

Principal, Attune Legal
Long Yin Hobirch

Teams Squared is hands down the best remote talent agency we've ever worked with. Their dedication to sourcing only top-tier talent is unmatched, and their rigorous matching process has consistently delivered.

Director, Mainroad Property Marketing
Jonathan Alexander

Abdul and the team helped us find the perfect resource in less than 7 days of reaching out - we've been working together for 4 months now, and could not be happier.

CEO, Scale Drones
Donald Betts

Partnering with Team Squared was a transformative experience for Betts Law Co. Their exceptional service and the unparalleled quality of talent they provided exceeded my expectations. The team member we onboarded through them not only brought remarkable skills but also integrated seamlessly with our firm’s culture.

Managing Principal, Betts Law Co
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