Integrating Smoke Ball on Mac: A Teams Squared Guide

In the dynamic world of law, efficiency and accessibility are key. Smokeball, a leading case management software, has been a game-changer for many law firms, primarily those operating on Windows platforms. However, Mac users often face a hurdle – the absence of a direct Smoke Ball client for macOS. This limitation can lead to unnecessary expenses like purchasing new devices, adapting to a different operating system, and transferring extensive data.

At Teams Squared, we understand these challenges and implement a simple solution to provide cost saving solutions for our contractors and clients. That's why we're excited to share a simple yet effective method to run Smoke Ball on Mac, eliminating the need for additional hardware investments.

In addition to specialising in high quality legal resource placement, Teams Squared also is proficient in integrating a spectrum of different technical integrations for clients in the legal sphere, including software such as Clio, ActionStep, Leap, Smart Search, NetDocuments and more. 

The Challenge:

One of our new clients, a law firm based in Australia, faced a dilemma. They wanted to integrate our contractor into their workflow and just started implementing Smoke Ball, but the contractor we allocated was a dedicated Mac user. Interestingly enough, the senior partner at the Firm was a Mac user as well, and so they contemplated purchasing Windows devices in order to overcome this hurdle.

Our Solution: Parallels – Windows Virtualization on Mac:

Teams Squared wanted to find a cost effective way to solve this problem for our Client, and so the solution we investigated and now recommend is using Parallels, a globally recognized Windows virtualization tool. Parallels allows you to run Windows seamlessly within macOS, without the need to boot up a separate operating system. This means our contractors and your team can access Windows and Smoke Ball right on their Macs, in a convenient and cost-effective way. We’ve put together the steps and added a video so you can follow and do the same.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Parallels on Mac:

1. Download Parallels: Visit the Parallels Website and download the installer.

2. Installation Guide: Follow the setup instructions provided, granting access to necessary folders. For a detailed walkthrough, check out the video below

3. Windows Installation: The installer will guide you through downloading and installing Windows within Parallels.

4. Activation: After accepting the terms and conditions, activate Parallels with your product key. Re-open the application to enter the key.

5. Accessing Windows OS: You can now access the Windows OS through the Parallels window on your Mac.

6. Download Smoke Ball: Open the Parallels Window and download the Windows Smoke Ball client from Smoke Ball Download to get started. Check out the video below for a detailed guide.

At Teams Squared, we're dedicated to our mission of helping law firms unlock operational value through our remote team members. We take pride in finding new pathways to enhance our contractor productivity, while saving costs for our clients. We believe in empowering our network with the tools they need to succeed, and hope that this article is useful for all lawyers contemplating to change their Macs in order to use Smoke Ball. 

Stay tuned for more tips and insights from Teams Squared, your partner in legal talent solutions.

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