Lunch & Learn Session with Legally Yours - ‘Harnessing the Power of Remote Teams’


  • Teams Squared partners with Legally Yours for a webinar to provide valuable insights and practical guidance for your law firm’s use of remote legal teams.
  • Strategic Advantages and Best Practices: The session highlighted the benefits of remote legal teams, including cost efficiency and access to a broader talent pool, and provided strategies for effective onboarding and management.
  • Navigating Cultural Challenges: It addressed the cultural challenges of remote work, offering practical solutions for fostering a cohesive and collaborative team environment.
  • Situational Suitability and Future Trends: Insights were shared on when remote legal teams might not be ideal, and future trends in remote legal resourcing were explored to help firms stay competitive.


In the constantly changing legal industry, law firms and legal departments are adopting innovative solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity. The shift towards remote work has presented both challenges and opportunities, prompting legal professionals to rethink traditional workflows and embrace new technologies. Remote legal teams, in particular, have emerged as a viable strategy to address various operational needs and adapt to the evolving landscape.

We recently partnered with Legally Yours for a comprehensive webinar aimed at exploring the transformative potential of remote legal teams for law firms. During this insightful session, we delved into the numerous strategic advantages that remote teams offer. We provided in-depth analysis and shared our experiences, highlighting the best practices for seamless integration and effective management of remote legal professionals. We also tackled the cultural challenges that come with remote work and proposed practical solutions to foster a cohesive and collaborative team environment.

Additionally, we identified scenarios where remote legal teams might not be the ideal solution and offered actionable insights to help firms maximize the effectiveness of their remote workforce. By examining real-world examples and case studies, we provided a balanced perspective on when and how to leverage remote teams to their fullest potential. This discussion was designed to equip attendees with the knowledge and tools necessary to make informed resourcing decisions that align with their firm's specific needs and goals.

Key takeaways from this session included:  

• Understanding the Remote Legal Team Model: Insights into the structure and functioning of remote legal teams and how they fit into your firm’s resourcing strategy.  

• Strategic Advantages: Learning about the benefits, such as cost efficiency, flexibility, and access to a broader talent pool, that come with integrating remote legal teams.  

• Best Practices for Integration: Proven strategies and practical tips for successfully onboarding and managing remote legal teams to align with your firm’s goals.  

• Bridging Cultural Gaps: Effective communication strategies and tools to navigate cultural differences and build a cohesive team environment.  

• When Remote Teams Aren't the Solution: Identifying situations where remote legal teams may not be suitable, emphasizing the importance of matching team structure to specific legal tasks.  

• Maximizing Efficiency and Productivity: Leveraging technology, collaboration tools, and clear workflows to ensure optimal performance from your remote legal team.  

• Future Trends in Remote Legal Resourcing: Exploring emerging trends and the future landscape of remote legal teams to keep your firm ahead of the curve.

We hope this webinar provided valuable insights and practical guidance for optimizing your firm's use of remote legal teams. By implementing the strategies discussed, your firm can enhance its operational efficiency, adapt to market changes, and maintain a competitive edge. Stay tuned for more events and resources designed to help you navigate the evolving legal landscape.  

To learn more about Legally Yours and their legal marketplace and online community of skilled legal professionals, please visit Legally Yours.

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