Cyber Security and Confidentiality

Cyber Security
and Confidentiality


How We Secure Our Remote Workers?

Teams Squared takes securing our remote workers workspace environments seriously and appreciates the importance of safeguarding client informationand data, especially when working across jurisdictions.

In order to give our clients peace of mind and the confidence to take advantage of the benefits of remote work, we offer a consultative cyber security approach and explore multiple different options and layers of protection:

Work Station Options:


/Implementing an Azure Virtual Desktop

Our cyber security experts can implement an Azure Virtual Desktop that is dedicated only for personnel assigned to you so there is a clear segregation between work data and personal data on our user machines.

The Azure Virtual Desktop will be equipped with the necessary day to day applications to perform their necessary work tasks, including antivirus and endpoint protection from providers such as Sophos.


/Setting up a dedicated physical PC

While the virtual desktop approach works in most cases, running specific practice management software such as Smoke Ball can lead to latency issues and clashes with recommended antivirus.

In these cases, Teams Squared will be happy to organize a physical PC for full time workers with antivirus and endpoint protection implemented so there is a segregation of data and our team members are using a dedicated device for your work.

Benefits of Our Approach:

Layered Defense

The endpoint protection solutions and antivirus we implement offers a comprehensive security solution, including antivirus, firewall, and intrusion detection systems, to protect each device used by our remote lawyers.

Centralized Management

Our IT team can monitor and manage all endpoint devices centrally, ensuring consistent application of security policies and swift response to potential threats.

Data Encryption & External Device Protection

We can restrict access to removable media and mobile devices, monitoring and restricting sensitive information transfer, and implementing built-in encryption to protect data on lost or stolen devices.

Malware Protection

Antivirus is installed on all devices, providing robust protection against malware, viruses, and other malicious software through advanced threat detection techniques.

Regular Audits

Periodic security audits are conducted to ensure compliance with security protocols.

How it works

Book a Free consultation call to discuss a custom cyber security approach for your law firm:

//Step 1

Discovery Call

We delve into your specific requirements and get a clear understanding for the talent you’re seeking. If you prefer to discuss over email, we’ve got you covered on this front too.

//Step 2

Cyber security & Workflow

Bespoke cyber security and workflow suggestions for the relevant placement.

//Step 3


We conduct a thorough skills assessment to ensure only the top 5% of candidates make the cut.

Data Safety


In addition to the device level set-up, all our team members sign comprehensive NDA's and Intellectual Property Rights Assignment Agreements that mirror the confidentiality clauses we enter into with you.

We are happy to furnish signed copies of the NDA's our team members sign with us for you to keep on record.
Multiple law firms globally trust Teams Squared and their Team Members to deliver high quality work at a competitive price-point reliably, and securely.

Our clients trust us

Yule Guttenbeil

Choosing Teams Squared has been a game-changer for my business. It's more than just a service; it's a partnership built on attentive care and proactive problem-solving. From the beginning, I was impressed by their dedication to understanding my specific needs.

Principal, Attune Legal
Long Yin Hobirch

Teams Squared is hands down the best remote talent agency we've ever worked with. Their dedication to sourcing only top-tier talent is unmatched, and their rigorous matching process has consistently delivered.

Director, Mainroad Property Marketing
Jonathan Alexander

Abdul and the team helped us find the perfect resource in less than 7 days of reaching out - we've been working together for 4 months now, and could not be happier.

CEO, Scale Drones
Donald Betts

Partnering with Team Squared was a transformative experience for Betts Law Co. Their exceptional service and the unparalleled quality of talent they provided exceeded my expectations. The team member we onboarded through them not only brought remarkable skills but also integrated seamlessly with our firm’s culture.

Managing Principal, Betts Law Co
Michael Barber

We are really happy with Teams Squared, they have taken the time to work through our requirements and assist us to find a resource who has exceeded our expectations. In that regard they did a better job than we did on our own. We would certainly look to them again as a first port of call when expanding our team further.

Legal Practice Director
Other questions?


What is Teams Squared?
Teams Squared is your access pass to the top 5% of South and South East Asia's remote legal talent that works across a variety of specialisations
How does you ensure the quality of talent?
We conduct thorough interviews and rigorous assessments with each candidate that we propose. We ensure that there is a competency and culture match from the outset.
What kind of commitment do I need to make?
We believe in simplicity and flexibility. That's why we offer a standard contract with no minimum time commitments. Plus, we offer a 1-month trial period so you can be sure you've made the right choice.
What if the match doesn't work out?
Stuff happens, and that's okay! We offer a satisfaction-based refund policy and free replacements within 2 weeks. We want you to be 100% happy with your Teams Squared experience.
What about admin and paperwork?
Say goodbye to admin headaches! We take care of standardized contracts, payroll handling, and currency conversion. With Teams², you can focus on what really matters - your work.