Inside Team Squared's Hiring Process : Bridging Excellence and Opportunity

At Team Squared, our quest is not just to find exceptional legal talent; it's about discovering individuals who are a perfect fit for ours and our client’s vibrant culture. We understand that the cornerstone of our clients' success lies in the expertise and dedication of the legal professionals we bring on board. 

That's why our hiring process is meticulously designed to be both comprehensive and candidate-friendly, striking that delicate balance between thoroughness and simplicity.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what to expect when you apply for a role with us;

1. The Initial Application Review

The journey begins with the initial application review. Here, we delve into each candidate's professional narrative, seeking to uncover more than just their qualifications and experience. We aim to understand their journey, motivations, and the unique skills they bring to the table. This thorough scrutiny ensures we're not just effective but profoundly insightful in our shortlisting.

2. Video Introduction and Questionnaire

Next, we invite candidates to showcase themselves beyond the resume through a video introduction and a role-specific questionnaire. This stage is about gauging personality, communication skills, and cultural fit, as much as it is about technical prowess. We value the time and effort put in by our applicants and strive to make this process as engaging and insightful as possible. As we carry out our hiring process remotely, the first layer of evaluation is done through a video submission. This is a vital step that has streamlined our hiring process significantly. 

3. The First Interview – Interaction and Capabilities

Our first interview is a blend of casual conversation and professional assessment, conducted via phone or video call. This interaction is key to understanding how candidates adapt to our dynamic, online-centric work environment. We explore their problem-solving abilities, their approach to challenges, and their interpersonal skills - all crucial for thriving in our remote legal teams.

4. A Custom-Built Role Assessment

The heart of our selection process lies in our custom-built role assessments. Tailored specifically for each position, these assessments are a deep dive into the practical application of skills required in the job. This level of customization ensures that we not only gauge theoretical knowledge but also the practical acumen essential for success in the role.

5. The Second Interview – Client Interaction

The second interview is a unique aspect of our process, involving direct interaction with potential clients. This step is crucial for ensuring alignment with client expectations and understanding the cultural nuances of each partnership. It's a chance for candidates to experience firsthand the collaborative and client-focused environment they will be part of.

6. The Offer Stage

Reaching the offer stage at Team Squared is a significant achievement. It signifies that a candidate has not only met but surpassed our stringent criteria, demonstrating their potential to be an integral part of our innovative legal team.

Our Commitment to Excellence and Efficiency

At Team Squared, we're redefining what it means to be excellent in the legal field. Our selection process is a clear reflection of this, balancing the sophistication of our standards with an approachable, efficient methodology. We're committed to ensuring that every step of the hiring journey is transparent, respectful of applicants' time and efforts, and indicative of the dynamic, result-oriented culture that we strive to build

Join Our Journey

If you're a legal professional seeking an environment that values innovation, excellence, and a straightforward approach, Team Squared is your destination. For clients looking for legal support that's both top-tier and approachable, our team is ready to deliver outstanding results.

To learn more about how we're reshaping the landscape of legal talent acquisition, or to start your journey with us, reach out at work@teamsquared.io.

We're excited to welcome you to a world where excellence meets opportunity!

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